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This site is a way to bat around ideas in public, and then form project teams. Each project team has its own TRAC site and subversion (SVN) repository access.

Step 1:

Sign up for an account with the "Sign Up!" link in the website header. Then click on the "Login" link in the header and enter your new username/password. You are now logged into the web site, and can post ideas, create projects, request to join existing projects, and search for existing ideas/projects.

Step 2:

Be creative! Post an idea with the "Add Idea" link, or become the team leader for a new project, and post a new project with the "Add Project" link.

Common Actions:

Search Existing Projects/Ideas:

You can use the tagging system on the right hand side of the website, or click on the "Search" link in the page header to search for Projects or Ideas posted on the site.

Join An Existing Project:

Clicking on the underlined links with the name of the project will take you to a page where you can request to join that project. Follow the "join" link, fill out the form, and wait for email notification from the project leader.

Access your TRAC project site:

Clicking on the TRAC link for any project on the website will take you to the login page for that TRAC project. Use the same username/password for the TRAC site that you used to login to the website. NOTE: If you requested to join a project and were accepted, you need to logout/login again before you can access the TRAC project site for that project.

Access your project's Subversion repository:

Within a half hour of creating/joining a project, you will be able to access the subversion (SVN) repository for that project. The repository URL schema is: svn+ssh://